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Hotel Soundproofing



Trump Tower

TRUMP TOWER Chicago and Las Vegas recently specified a revolutionary
noise abatement system incorporating Acoustiblok® on all floors.

Hotel Soundproofing

When the Don Cesar's old elevators just couldn't be tolerated any more, Acoustiblok was used to reduce the sound.

Many luxury resorts, 5 star hotels, cozy ski lodges, and mom and pop inns have chosen Acoustiblok material as their sound abatement solution.

Hotel Soundproofing Hotel Soundproofing

Finally get the time for that “quiet get away” you have been waiting for? Nothing could be more annoying than to anticipate a quiet evening in your hotel room only to be kept wake all night by loud noises from adjoining rooms. Business travelers often find themselves in hotels next to airports, train stations, or busy highways spending sleepless nights. Vacationers who get the room next to the elevator or ice machines promptly demand a different room.

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Hotel owners are frantically trying to find a solution to noise disturbances in order to maintain guest satisfaction and increase occupancy. Architects, Developers and Commercial Builders are searching for a product that is not only effective and affordable, but easy to install. Many have tried to abate noise with double drywall on the walls with extra insulation. The results have driven some to remodel and try other products. Simple physics states that dense mass is required to abate noise in the mid to low frequencies. Acoustiblok is not only dense, but flexible allowing the material to vibrate as it absorbs sound. When Acoustiblok is properly installed in a standard stud wall the db reduction ranges from 27 to 63 db throughout the frequency ranges. See the Riverbank Lab test results for further information.

Acoustiblok is UL Classified for wall, floor and ceiling designs. Impact and room noise can effectively be reduced by installing Acoustiblok over the floor joist and or the ceiling joist. Please contact our office to discuss your particular application.