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Desktop electro acoustical test box

OtoCube the electro-acoustical test box for cochlear implant users OtoCube is an desktop electro-acoustical test box that enables audiologist to do precise measurements and test on cochlear implants using a soundproofed “calibrated” box in which the CI sound processor and microphone is placed in a small acoustical camber and connected to the patient whit an special extension cable to the transmitter system of the cochlear implant. With the test stimuli presented to the CI processor in the acoustically insulated OtoCube CI-patients can then be tested on their perception of “speech in noise” in optimal testing conditions en excellent precision. This product has been tested by outstanding clinics in Belgium, Germany and Spain. The OtoCube with special software can be used as a fitting assistant that helps te audiologist in programming conchlear implants. The insulation characteristics of the OtoCube comply with the ISO norms for clinical audio logical practice and is therefore suitable to be used in normal clinical rooms. It reduces the ambient noise in the test box to acceptable levels as describe in the American National Standard (ANSI), British Standard (BSI), European Standard (EN) and International Standard (ISO). Psycho-acoustical stimuli have typical intensities varying from 10 to 120 dB SPL these intensities also vary with the spectral content (ranging from 125 to 8000 Hz) and according to equal-loudness curves. The OtoCube is designed to produce several acoustical stimuli an small anechoic test room in the box. With class D amplifier and matching loudspeaker in the box it can replicate an exact acoustic sound field of the electric input signal which is produced by the software on a laptop and digitally send to the 24 bit soundcard in the box. Before preforming a CI-test the box is calibrated with the monitoring class-1 microphone and the know factory calibration of the complete measuring system (soundcard – amplifier – loudspeaker – anechoic test room specifications – microphone). The produced acoustical stimuli in the box are there for in intensity, frequency and phase exactly the same as intended and produced by the software. The OtoCube can be used as a fast and reliable help for audiologist for programming Cochlear Implants, with the help of the special software (FOX®, Fitting to Outcomes Expert). The automated fitting procedure consists in the reduction of the amount of fitting time and in the achievement of better outcomes by introducing deterministic bottom-up artificial intelligence. It can also be used for reliable testing of modern electronic hearing aids The OtoCube is also suitable for testing of microphones and earphones.

Features OtoCube

Very cost efficient, fraction of a audio logic cabin.Low weight 15,5 kg and desktop designExcellent (high) sound insulation for ambient noise Extremely high accuracy, frequency range 50 Hz to 16000 Hz. Uniform Sound Field across the measurement plane At CI measuring place, Free progressive sound field, standard IEC-60118Comes with a 24 bit ICCP powered build-in sound cardComes with very accurate build-in class D amplifier (160 Watt). Comes with a very accurate monitoring microphone en preamp class-1 IEC-61672 or ANSI type 1. Build-in high end magnetically shielded loudspeaker. Extreme Low acoustic distortion (0.01 – 0.1%). Conforms to 2006/95/EC & 2004/108/ECMDD approved power supply. Comes with a electronically build-in calibration map for extreme smooth frequency characteristic. The OtoCube meets carry-on regulationExterior Strong HPX® Resin, exterior guaranteed for lifeVortex® Valve, two press & pull latches, double layered soft-grip handle.

Specifications OtoCube

  • Dimensions 45.7 x 33 x 21,3 cm
  • Weight 15,5 kg
  • Sound Insulation for ambient noise meets ISO 8253-2 2009 Table II
  • Frequency Range 50 Hz – 16000 Hz
  • Exitation Levels : limited at 120 dB SPL
  • Approximates free-field condition
  • Dynamic Range 15 dB to 120 dB (limited)
  • Calibration Microphone (optional) ½ inch ANSI type 1 (6-12.5 kHz, inherent noise < 16 dB(A))
  • Monitoring Microphone ½ inch IEC-61672 (20-20kHz, inherent noise
  • Loudspeaker, magnetically shielded
  • Sound Card 24 Bits AD converter, 44.1 Hz, (frequency 20 - 20kH, inherent noise frequency depended typical 15 dB @ 1000 Hz), ICCP powered
  • Self contained Class-D Amplifier 160 Watt, ultrahigh fidelity, flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency-independent distortion behavior and very low radiated and conducted EMI. Distortion in situ < 0.1% Frequency respons 10 – 50 kHz.
  • Power supply class-1 input 80 – 264 VAC. Always connect to earth!
  • Conforms to 2006/95/EC & 2004/108/EC
  • Conforms to specifications described in ISO 8253-2 2009 part 2 and ANSI S3.1-1991.