Sound and Vibration Insulation Treatment and Advice

Simple Vibration Meter Aurolex

The ABC-G1 is simple vibration meter for performing vibration measurements. The meter can be used for periodic maintenance to see if the vibration levels on the bearings increases. This may be an indication for preventive maintenance. The range of this vibration meter is from 10 Hz to 10 kHz set in two ranges from 10 Hz to 1 kHz and 10 Hz to 10 kHz. The meter has a relative accuracy of about 5%. With a range of 0.1 to 400 mm / s. The meter has a RS-232 connection to connect a PC or laptop. The price of this practical and simple meter is only 17500 Bath ex.. vat. We can also provide software for this meter and an RS-232 cable and USB adapter for 5000 Bath ex. vat. Ask about the possibilities at our sales department.

Simple vibration meter with accelerometer


  • Accuracy : 5%
  • Automatic switch
  • RPM (revolution) :5-10000 r / min
  • Frequency: 0.1 to 10KHz
  • Metric / imperial conversion
  • With RS232C interface
  • Max hold
  • Operating conditions: 0 - +45 (32-104), ≤ 90% RH
  • Power: 4x1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery
  • Battery indicator: low battery indicator
  • Dimensions: 124x62x30mm
  • T Weight: 120g (not including battery)
  • Filter setting Frequency Range
    vibration acceleration 10 Hz-1 kHz / 10 Hz - 10 kHz 0,1-200 m/ms2 20,1-400 m/ms2
    vibration velocity 10 Hz-1 kHz 0,01-40,00 cm / s RMS
    vibration displacement 10 Hz-1 kHz 0,001-4,000 mm
    Speed rev / min. 1-20 kHz 60-99 rpm