Sound and Vibration Insulation Treatment and Advice

ABC Sound and Vibration wall anchors (ties)

the best way for airborne and contact sound insulation of a cavity wall is to decouple the walls to another. Often there are cavity anchors needed. It can be a cavity wall between houses and between offices or between a office and a gym, or between condominiums etc. ABC wall ties are rated as medium duty in tests conducted by the CSIRO for compliance with AS 2699.2000 Part 1 - MB01 Wall Ties. The ties acoustically isolate the inner and outer leaves of a masonry wall with no compromise in strength compared to conventional rigid ties. ABC ties can transmit the maximum wind loads whilst accommodating differential movement of the brick or blockwork.

The ties are made in two halves and joined with a lightly compressed foam. This allows a significant reduction in airborne noise, impact noise and structure borne vibration. Conventional ties transmit noise and vibration from one side of a wall to the other as many owners of apartments can testify.
ABC wall ties are used successfully throughout Australia, Europe and the USA in condominiums, cinemas, recording studios, motels, lecture rooms, laboratories, airports, music and drama facilities, sporting complexes, offices, apartments and dedicated home entertainment areas. They also often applied in global cities in skyscrapers like New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Melbourne. The sound insulation cavity anchors (ties) in stainless steel are made for outer walls and the anchors (ties) of galvanized steel are for internal walls. The anchors (ties) are capable of lateral force such as wind pressure fluctuations. The sound insulation cavity anchors are tested for tensile force 400 N and 480 N compression. In a standard wall cavity the sound insulation improvements is an average 9 dB(A) (with 6 wall anchors per m2!) At lower numbers obviously improves the soundproofing, but the stability of the structure decreases. ABC is an exclusive distributor of all known noise cavity anchors (ties), worldwide. Our customers are very satisfied with the - in situ - results.

Other acoustically decoupled different types: