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AV-Consulting is a premier acoustical engineering consulting firm that specializes in noise control, building physics, acoustics, environmental technology and vibration measurement & control for marine, industrial and commercial applications. Founded in 1985 by Ad Vreeswijk. The founder is a member of the Dutch Acoustical Society (NAG), Belgium Acoustical Society (ABAV) and American Acoustical Society (INCE) and has been a lecturer at the Higher Acoustical Course at Amsterdam during 3 year. There are branches in the The Netherlands and Thailand. Since 1985 AV-Consulting has serviced hundreds of clients from the largest corporations to small businesses and governments.

Our consulting capabilities include:

1. Architectural acoustics
2. Plant Noise Surveys
3. Noise Control Remediation
4. OSHA and NORSOC Assessments
5. Room Acoustics Assessment/Testing
6. Outdoor Background Noise Monitoring
7. Environmental Impact Statements/Reports
8. Shipboard Noise & Vibration Analysis
9. Noise Control Treatment Design
10. Machinery Vibration Isolation
11. Shipboard Measurement & Diagnostic Surveys
12. Acoustic analyses
13. Electro acoustics
14. Materials Testing
15. Specification Review & Preparation
16. Expert Witness Testimony
17. Noise control treatment design and predictions
18. Vibrations control and measurements
19. Specification preparation
20. Design reviews, acoustical and vibration certifying
21. On-site acoustical surveys
22. Working conditions in plants
23. Air Quality measurements and predictions

AV-Consulting provides services in the following areas (noise, vibrations and air quality):

  • industrial plants
  • environmental zoning
  • transport
  • marine
  • shipbuilding
  • buildings
  • commercial
  • manufacturing
  • product noise and vibration control
  • noise testing and certifying products

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