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Aurolex Plug and Play Sound Monitoring

WELCOME TO AUROLEX SOUND MONITORING SYSTEM (Type 1 IEC-61672) for only Euro 5750,- excl. VAT and transportation cost! Remote Sound Monitoring System 7 real-time sensors at your desktop sound, vibration, air pollution, temperature, wind, humidity etc. alarms by SMS or email no additional software needed integrated modem (LAN, analogue, GPRS) solar panel with battery push data system. Standard to set automatic reports every day (every hour or whatever you want> Plug en Play, a revolution in noise monitoring, now available !!!! Type 1: IEC 61672-1:2002 1/1 octave real time analysis, Type 1, IEC 61260 1/3 octave1 real time analysis, Type 1, IEC 61260 (option) FFT real1 time analysis, 1920 lines, up to 22.4 kHz band (option) SPL, Leq, SEL, Lden, Ltm3, Ltm5, Statistics - Ln (L1-L99), LMax, LMin, LPeak Simultaneous New technology - Easier - Smarter - Cheaper - Faster No installation of software needed Get your reports automatically on your black-berry ® or smart mobile phone. Push data system, no need to call in to collect your data, Just turn on your laptop anywhere in the world en take a glance of all your measuring-point New technology now available on aurolex monitoring systems! Automatically all data is stored en saved for 1 year or longer! Copy en past your data in word, excel or what you like Expand your monitoring system with other sensors Standard 7 connectors available, expandable with wireless substations.

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  • Highlights of the ABC Aurolex Sound Monitoring System Push data system.
  • No need to install any software, so accessible from any computer.
  • Possibility to let the system auto-generate reports and send them by email. Possibility to let the system plot data on maps or photo's.
  • The data is automatically stored and back upped.
  • All data is directly accessible from any computer with internet.
  • Threshold values and alarms can be configured and edited from the internet, alarms can be send by SMS or internet.
  • The system can check itself and the sensors for error signals.
  • Almost all common sensors and meters can be attached to the monitoring system such as sound level meters, vibration meters, air pollution, pH, RH, temperature,wind speed/direction etc.
  • Serial connection possible by RS232.
  • Configuration by internet. Integrated modem (ISDN, analog, Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, WLAN)
  • Energy supply with solar panel for 1 week (with battery), unlimited with bigger solar panel or 220 Volt supply.
  • Type 1 sound level meter complying with IEC 61672 (2002) with standard 1/1 octave sound analyzer.
  • Measuring data i.e. Leq, Spl, L1-L99, Lmax, Lpeak etc. Filters A, C en Z. Dynamic range 102 dB. Frequency range 20 - 20.000 Hertz,
  • Type 1 pre polarized 1/2" condenser microphone with BSWA outdoor kit. Dynamic measuring range 29 dB(A) - 131 dB(A).
  • Works in temperatures between - 10 and + 50 degrees Celsius. Humidity, maximum 90 % non condensated relative humidity.
  • Complete set is weather resistant (IP67). Wireless data transport by GPRS, LAN, GSM or WLAN.
  • Standard sensors for sound measuring, Relative Humidity and temperature.
  • Online monitoring, all measuring points directly accessible by internet, with the optional GPS module you can directly see the position of your Aurolex.